About YUCHENG District

Yucheng District, Ya'an is located at the west margin of Sichuan Basin, the middle reach of the Qingyi River, and the transition zone from Chengdu Plain to Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Yucheng covers an area of 1,067.31km?, with a total population of more than 360,000 and an urbanization rate of 61.9%. It is used to be the capital of former Xikang Province and serves as the seat of the CPC Ya'an Municipal Committee and Ya'an Municipal People's Government. The National Highway G108 and G318, Chengdu-Ya'an Expressway, Ya'an-Leshan Expressway, Ya'an-Xichang Expressway, Ya'an-Kangding Expressway, and Chengdu-Ya'an Railway go through Yucheng, and it is only one hour's drive to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport and Leshan Port, with an obvious role of "Comprehensive Traffic Hub in Western Sichuan".

Yucheng is an eco-homeland on the 30°N and is named after "Sky Leakage in Western Sichuan". It has been reputed as "Western Sichuan Throat", "Tibet Portal", and "Ethnic Corridor". With lush mountain ranges, its forest coverage is up to 71.96%. It is rich in water resources with "one large river and six rivers". The air quality reaches the national first-grade standard and it has the world's top standard for negative oxygen ions. The annual average temperature is 14-19°C and ranks the first ones with 240-270 days of "comfortable tourism period". It has been reputed as the Natural Oxygen Bar and the Lung of Tianfu. Yucheng is an ideal place for leisure, vocation and travel and is the only "Ecological Climate City of China". It has been rated as "Top Tourist City of China", "Top Ten Charming Cities of China", "National Forest Tourism Demonstration City", "National Ecological Demonstration Area", "Cities with Best Investment Potential", "Famous Historic and Cultural City in Sichuan Province", "Powerful County of Tourism in Sichuan Province", "Powerful County of Rural Tourism in Sichuan Province", "Powerful County of Modern Agriculture (Tea) Industrial Base in Sichuan Province", "Powerful County of Forestry Industry in Sichuan Province", and "Candidate County of Famous County of Tianfu Tourism". Yucheng is rich in culture and tourism resources, including numerous places of interest such as Guidufu Lidui, Gao Yi Que, Baima Spring and Guanyin Pavilion and national AAAA tourist attractions such as Bifeng Gorge, Shangli Ancient Town, Jinfeng Mountain Park, and Zhougong Mountain Hotspring Park and Longxi River National Water Conservancy Scenic Area as well many emerging scenic areas such as China Tibetan Tea Village, Zhongli New Village, Yujia New Village, Ormosia Hosiei Valley. It is the Sky Leakage Site in the legend of Nv Wa Patching the Holes in the Sky, the origins of Zhougong Culture and Yi Culture, the origins of "Father of Dark Tea" and "millennial intangible cultural heritage" Tibetan Tea and the starting point of Sichuan-Tibet Ancient Tea-Horse Road. The history of more than 1,300 years has merged the diverse national cultures of such nationalities as Han, Tibetan and Yi. The China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda here has delivered nearly 140 lovely pandas to the world.

At present, Yucheng is making every effort to create the two IPs of tea culture and panda culture and striving for accelerating the construction of a modern service industry development core area, an urban-rural integrated development demonstration area and an international eco-tourism pilot area. Welcome to Yucheng for sightseeing, investment and travel!

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